Wishek Public School Alumni Association

 PO Box 72

Wishek, ND 58495

WPS Alumni Association Membership Dues & Registration Form

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Annual $10.00 (per household) Membership     Dues__________Donation__________


Banquet Fee, $20.00 per person (Deadline is May 18, 2019)  $25.00 at the door is limited!


Class List - $5.00 (per requested year)      Year/(s) Requested_______________


Dollars for Scholars Contribution (Funds will be turned over to Dollars for Scholars)





First Name                                                               Last Name

Maiden Name                                                          Spouse


 City                                                                          State                              Zip
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WPSAA  ♦  PO BOX 72  ♦  WISHEK, ND  58495-0072